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For Karma yogis, we are live streaming a select schedule of our yoga classes! Please check the yoga studio schedule to sign up!


3.30.2020 (updated 5.4.2020)

To our loyal members and Karma family,


We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy! As an update on the current situation, in accordance with State and local guidelines we need to remain closed through May 18, 2020 (originally this was March 27). We will continue to monitor all news, government alerts, and CDC recommendations and reassess our operational plans after this period, so please check back the website for any changes and updates.


Valued members: we will make sure to credit you additional time at the end of the membership term should you choose to keep your monthly membership during this period. This also applies for those of you who have prepaid memberships. We ask for your patience as we adjust everyone's accounts, and we thank you for your ongoing commitment and support of small businesses like Karma Yoga & Gym.


We can't wait to see you back at Karma very soon!


Sending love, healing, and light,
Namaste, the Karma staff