Diversity of Practice

At Karma we believe there is not one path of yoga, fitness or wellness in general.  Our diversity philosophy means we have a wide variety of classes -- so whatever you want from your practice, we have a class that offers it.  From Ashtanga-inspired Vinyasa styles, to traditional Hatha, to more restorative Yin or Kundalini, or even related and complementary modalities such as Qi Gong or Mindfulness, our students love the choice a diverse yoga studio such as Karma can give them.  Explore below!

Unless noted otherwise, all classes are taught at a temperature of 72 - 75 degrees F. Air conditioning is used during the summer months.

We hope you have all stayed safe and healthy throughout the difficulty of these times!

With the health and safety of our staff and community in mind in-studio classes are cancelled until further notice and the Karma facility will remain closed until there is a safe and scientifically proven solution to Covid-19.

In more news, when Karma reopens, it will be in a brand-new facility! After having spent 15 wonderful years at our current location at 1120 Massachusetts Avenue, the building is being sold to a new owner with office development plans this August and we are considering new spaces within the same local area in Cambridge.

If you currently have items you are storing at the studio, please email us to arrange a time to pick them up before August 31st.


Meanwhile, yoga classes with your favorite teachers will continue to be streamed live online by signing up online at https://karmacambridge.com/yoga-studio/class-schedule/

We will keep the community informed of reopening news, and please continue to stay healthy and safe!

in love and light,
the Karma staff